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Profesional Experience.

Supervisor de Postproducción



I supervised the postproduction of a 4K, HDR digital film in collaboration with Dinamita Post. Designed the workflow for digital cinema and OTT deliverables. Coordinated a team of 20+ editorial, VFX, sound design and color professionals.


2013 - Actuality


I've worked with multiple national and international clients in order to bring to life their audiovisual projects. From editing, color correction, and motion graphics, to consulting about their postproduction workflows and training their work teams.

Communications Program Director

2021 - 2023

Tecnológico de Monterrey

My responsibility is to guarantee the best academic experience for my students. Generating strategic alliances with companies and organizations, proposing and conceptualizing new media laboratories. Designing and evaluating the curriculum. Developing and implementing strategies for prospective student reach and growth.

Audiovisual Production coordinator

2016 - 2021
Tecnológico de Monterrey

Designing the curriculum and teaching multiple subjects such as: Editing and Postproduction, Audiovisual Narratives, Experimental Media Creation and more. My student evaluations are above 95% satisfaction. 

Film & TV.


Supervisor de Postproducción

Villamiseria T1, TBA

Editor, Colorista

Buenos Días, 2023

DIT, Editor

Eztli, 2023

DIT, Editor, Colorista

Los Anormales, 2023

DIT, Editor, Colorista

Online Confrom, Colorista

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